Hello friends!

When I set up this site, perhaps I suffered from an excess in ambition as to the frequency of my posts. Chicago is still a wondrous place, and it keeps me quite busy. However! I resolve that I will try to update more often in this year than I did in the last one. (Small goals!)

In the past year, I was fortunate enough to read at the glorious release party of Anobium Volume 2 ( and to participate in the lovely local Chicago reading series Ipsento (formerly Bang Bang) and Wit Rabbit ( All of the folks who run these literary machines are wonderful, and you should buy their books and go to their readings and support them.

In other writing-related news, I was nominated by Anti- for the Best of the Net anthology, and I have new poems up at The Superstition Review ( and more coming soon through the kind people at Transom and Vinyl.

Oh, and I promised you strange pictures once, didn’t I? Over Thanksgiving, I went with my family to that most upstate of South Carolinian holiday traditions, Hollywild Animal Park’s Christmas lights. Basically, you get to drive your car through a giant field of Christmas lights and feed deer, cows, zebras, emus, and whatever other free-range oddities of the kingdom happen to be running through. I took a picture of these sweethearts there. There’s nothing like those eyes, is there? The one in the front was really hopeful that I had something else in my hand.

I hope that your new years are filled with all the things that you want, and all the things you didn’t know you needed.